Experience The Benefits Of A Super Moisturizer With Environ Skin Care

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Benefits Of A Super Moisturizer

If you live in Arizona or have ever been for a visit, you know that the weather can be extremely hot and dry. Internally, you can combat hot, dry weather by staying cool indoors, dressing appropriately, and by drinking plenty of water, but how exactly do you combat the weather when it comes to protecting your skin?

It is recommended to add an intensive moisturizer to your current skincare regime, particularly if you suffer from dehydrated skin. Especially dry skin requires a unique set of emollients and nutrients to look and feel healthy, but only certain products contain the ultra-potent ingredients that have such an effect.

This is where Environ Skincare comes into the picture. Environ Skincare’s Focus Care Moisture+ line contains a luxurious blend of dynamic ingredients. These ingredients assist in enhancing the barrier function of your skin and supplying it with a dose of naturally derived nourishment.

The quality of the products created by Environ Skin Care makes achieving a healthy glow a possibility for many who struggle to find deeply moisturizing ingredients in the products found in most drug stores.

What Exactly Is A Super Moisturizer?

A super moisturizer is a highly concentrated cream formulated to go beyond the usual steps found in most of today’s other hydration formulas for dry skin. While there are other products in the market that claim to go deeper into the skin, very few actually make a significant impact on improving skin health.

This is how Environ’s Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser + is different. Part of the Focus Care Moisture + system, the Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser + goes deep to replenish your thirsty skin, and help it begin to respond better to environmental stimuli such as the hot and arid conditions found in Arizona. Environ Skin Cares’ Focus Care Moisture + super moisturizer is formulated to restore your skin to a glowing state.

Environ’s Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser

Source: EnvironSkincare.com

Aside from being incredibly hydrating, The Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser + boasts these amazing benefits with regular use:

  • Provides comfort to parched skin from the easily absorbed ingredients
  • Provides protection from free-radical damage
  • Mimics the natural emollient process of the skin to prevent the recurring “dried out” feeling often found in dry and sensitive skin types
Applying the idea of boosted moisture to skincare, the Vita-Complex Moisturiser + supplies potent emollients to your skin to balance out dryness.

How Do You Use The Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser +?

One of the great things about brands like Environ Skin Care is they take pride in making products that can be easily incorporated into practically any skincare regime.

The process for using the Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser + is simple.

  • Prepare your skin by pre-cleansing, cleansing, and applying your preferred products (Environ’s other products are highly recommended for best results).
  • Apply your preferred Environ vitamin A-based moisturizer to your face, neck, and décolleté areas.
  • Follow your vitamin A cream application with the Super Moisturiser + to achieve superior hydration.
  • Enjoy the wonderful feeling of soft and nourished skin that looks radiant.
Environ Skin Care knows that effective skincare should not be overly complicated or anything that requires a tedious amount of actionable steps. The simple process for using Environ’s products aims to get you maximum results without painstaking effort. Consistent use of your super moisturizer and corresponding Environ Skin Care products in your daily routine are all that’s needed.

Is Super Moisturizer Good for Arizona Weather?

Super Moisturizer for Arizona Weathe

A Super Moisturizer is an excellent product to use if you live in Arizona or a location with a similar climate. The weather here can be brutally hot. When the temperatures are that high, it is necessary to have products in your skincare regime that will add increased protection to your skin from the harsh elements. The super moisturizer acts as an additional barrier to keep moisture where it belongs, on your skin.

The Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser + goes on top of your Vitamin A cream or serum to further hydrate your skin. It should be used after the application of these retinol creams to bolster skin health and make skin more resilient to the desert-like elements.

You should prioritize your skin and keep it well moisturized in any climate. However, when you have issues with dryness, weather that compounds those issues requires a skin care plan that is packed with products that focus on hydration.

Is There Retinol in Environ Moisturizer?

Yes, there is retinol in most of Environ’s Moisturizers, they are labeled as containing either vitamin A or retinol. The high doses of retinol (Vitamin A) that are in Environ products serve to counteract environmental factors (particularly stress and pollutants) that contribute to skin damage and cause premature aging.

The Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser + contains high-grade emollients that layer on top of your chosen Environ retinol cream to seal in the moisture and increase absorption of the retinol.

Retinol’s benefits are not fully understood by most, but simply put, retinol makes skin look and feel better by improving the overall appearance of the skin, fading dark spots, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. These signs, once remedied, result in radiant skin, a glowing complexion, and smoother texture.

Is Environ Skin Care Medical Grade?

Environ Skin Care is one of the best and most effective medical-grade skincare brands available. Named the top medical skincare line of the decade in 2021, Environ takes an innovative approach to skincare creating products that combine active ingredients including high doses of:

  • Vitamin A (Retinol)
  • Antioxidants
  • Emollients

The Environ Skin Care brand was formulated by one of the world’s top surgeons, Dr. Des Fernandes. Dr. Fernandes has worked for the greater part of 40 years to create products that are effective in helping others combat skin breakdown from aging and exposure to environmental pollution.

Environ Skin Care features a range of skincare products to use according to the unique concerns associated with our skin type.

  • Environ’s AVST line has products to help prevent premature aging.
  • Their Focus Care Youth product line helps reverse signs of aging (i.e. reducing wrinkles, and fine lines) giving the skin a youthful appearance.
  • Their Focus Care Moisture + line aims to create superior moisture, balance out dry skin, and make the skin feel and appear supremely hydrated.


Does Moisturizer Actually Do Anything?

In addition to addressing dryness, moisturizing daily can increase cell turnover, help you look more youthful, reduce blemishes, increase skin resilience to toxins and UV rays, soothe sensitive skin, and reduce the symptoms associated with inflammation.

The benefits of having well-nourished skin can save you tons of time and money by preventing skin issues that stem from a lack of hydration. Work in moisturizer during your morning and nighttime routines to make hydrating your skin a regular practice. Over time, your skin will thank you for your efforts.

Why Is My Skin So Dry Even When I Moisturize?

If you are applying moisturizer to your skin on a daily basis and your skin still feels dry or otherwise uncomfortable, the products you are currently using should be examined for skin drying ingredients. Sulfates and isopropyl alcohol are two ingredients that commonly cause skin dryness. If these ingredients are in your current products, switching said products out for sulfate and alcohol-free products can remedy the issue.

Products that are packed with ceramides are great alternatives to products that contain isopropyl alcohol and sulfates. It may also be helpful to look at soaps or body washes that are also free of these ingredients to prevent robbing your skin of its much-needed moisture.

 Which Moisturizer Is Best For Glowing Skin

Which Moisturizer Is Best For Glowing Skin?

Several of Environ’s moisturizers are great for achieving a healthy glow. The Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturisers 1-5 are great if you are interested in having a retinol-rich moisturizer. Your skin will absolutely glow when you apply this line of moisturizer as a part of Environ’s Step Up Vitamin System.

You can’t go wrong with Environ’s Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser + when you want to get the ultimate glow. This moisturizer lays on the goods to make sure your skin is drinking in all the vitamins from your base moisturizer. Using your super moisturizer on top of AVST Moisturizer is a great way to enhance your skin’s luster.